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Last updated: January 27, 2018

Knives Out latest APK 1.205.408201 (30) is actually one of the most thrilling and challenging games you can find in many platforms. If you ever watch any TV shows on the survivability and life off the land, then this game does represent all of them at once. Another thing about this game is that it is quite similar to the Hunger Game tetralogy since you will have to play as the character that needs to survive until the end of the game just to win. You will be dropped off at deserted land as the arena where you will compete with others to survive.

Knives Out File Information

Developer: NetEase Games
Version: 1.205.408201 (30)
File size: 30.4 MB
Uploaded: January 27, 2018 at 8:34AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.2 and up
MD5: f775cf090cb53317709d388bf2bc3ddb
SHA1: 4cc31f119306a2a1fcaaee6fdecd6b74d985f9d0

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Knives Out review

First good thing about this game for you to know is the freedom it allows you on the gameplay. Starting off the game, you will be able to pick a spot on the deserted land to be dropped off from the plane. It is of utmost importance to be done since you can actually avoid bloodbath if you pick some quieter spots to be dropped off. Anything you do, avoid deserted town to avoid being hunted. Besides, you can also pick any kind of weapons on the looting to equip yourself for bloodbath. Pick one that comes with the most destructive force.

Another thing about this game is that it does also equip you with mini map. To many people’s ignorance, this map on the lower corner of the screen keeps tabs on everything around you. It can be good things or even of threats for you. If you see green line on the map, it indicates the best trail you need to follow in order to get to the safest point. If red line appears on the map, you should get out of the range immediately since there is an enemy around who have target to kill you.

However, this game does have one thing lacking on its gameplay. In that case, it is actually the sound system; you will not have any signal which indicates that there is enemy around you other than the mini map. It usually came with the sound system as well, but you will have to use headphones in order to have a listen to the gameplay condition. It can be such a nuisance if you happen to not have one when you want to play it, such as out in public where you do not pack one up.


  • It gives freedom on gameplay.
  • The game provides useful mini map.


  • Lack of viable sound system

Tips to Play the Game

In playing the game, you will directly be in the scene where you are on board, ready to be dropped off. Afterwards, you will be prompted to pick the drop off spot to begin the game in. After being dropped off, you will need to use all your skills to avoid yourself from being killed by the enemy. Crouch and crawl on the ground in order to avoid yourself from being spotted by the enemy. Also, prepare yourself with the equipment found from looting to equip you if bloodbath occurs suddenly on Knives Out.


  • Drones now available.
  • Hide and let the drone scout the surrounding terrain to help you get the drop on enemies.
  • New weapon SVD
  • all-new sniper rifle SVD,short firing intervals can quickly rain bullets down on enemies.
  • New snow theme lobby
  • Let it snow! Be sure to check out the new lobby winter wonderland.
  • Weapon Tweaks
  • Grenade,SMGs,AK47 are optimized.
  • New Appearance Functions.
  • All-new theme sets, selfies, sharing and various poses. Come and express yourself!

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