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Last updated: February 10, 2018

Last Battleground: Survival latest APK 1.3.0 (31) is probably the best game for those of you who have a thing for in-game fighting. Only by its name, you must have known that you need to be the last one who survives in order to win the game. In this game, you will be brought to abandoned and deserted island where you will be dropped by parachute. In order to be the last one who survives, you need to defeat your opponents altogether and avoid anything that can cause your death other than your opponents. Killing and survival have never been that thrilling, have they?

Last Battleground: Survival File Information

Developer: Elex
Version: 1.3.0 (31)
File size: 96.5 MB
Uploaded: February 10, 2018 at 8:54AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 and up
MD5: 0e1d6e70e99f2ee877b68b95afb3d7c2
SHA1: 14d5d3685a57426e057d36745bd57da5579462ac

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Last Battleground: Survival review

The first good thing about this game, compared to any other survival games, is that this game does come with various weapons that can be used to kill your opponents. The weapons you find in the game quite vary, ranged from short-distance weapons, such as swords and knives to long-distance ones, such as spear, arrows, and explosives. Use anything you want as your strategy to be the last one who survives in the game. Besides, you can also resort to directly physical fighting, such as wrestling to be the weapon you use to kill your opponents once and for all.

Besides, this game has been well designed in the matter of strategy. Compared to any other fighting games, gamers, in some cases, can end up not meeting their opponent to beat while the game is still on. As the consequence, they are trapped in endless gameplay with no end at all. In order to avoid such unwanted thing, the developer has added several means of killing. In that case, they come in the form of colored circles swirling around the area. They are blue colored circle that can reduce Health Points of the player and red colored one as minefield.

But, just like any other games, it is not complete without any lacking points that compromise the good things mentioned earlier. In this case, it comes with the erroneous modes of in-game sound. In the middle of gameplay, you will notice that sometimes the sound from the game does not match the real condition you are in. For some people, it is only of mild annoyance as they can move past that. But for others, it can be such a hindrance and a source of big annoyance as it can ruin the whole hype and vibe of the game.


  • There are various selections of weapon.
  • It is well-designed in-game strategy.


  • It has erroneous in-game sound.

Tips to Play the Game

After launching the game, you will be brought to the scene where you will board the aircraft and be taken to the abandoned island where the game begins. You get to choose your own dropping point on the island from the aircraft after all, so use it to your advantage. Afterwards, go around finding the weapons since they are of utmost necessity in the game. After that, you will only have one mission, which is to be the last one standing on the Last Battleground: Survival for Android.


  • Added Tommy Gun
  • Added ranking system
  • Added Combat Strategy System. Characters can configure strategies for items to trigger item effects.
  • Added backpack, hat and parachute designs
  • Added report system. Let us say no to cheaters
  • Accessory display optimized
  • Scene optimized

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