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Last updated: February 15, 2018

Survival game has its own interesting part to play. Every year, you can find such game in this industry and one of them is Last Day on Earth: Survival latest APK 1.7.7 (338). This game requires player to stay out of zombie with some guns and other gears. Improve your skill and collect valuable items to stay alive until the end. This game may not easy to play for beginners. You need a plan before entering the harsh environment to fight enemies. The graphic and designs are fascinating.

Last Day on Earth: Survival File Information

Developer: Kefir!
Version: 1.7.7 (338)
File size: 66.8 MB
Uploaded: February 15, 2018 at 10:52AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
MD5: 5ade2d1913bbb75340ef124e5ad7d1f1
SHA1: 73e3c7ba84c5f8c86befa0fc4e846bbe232325bf

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Last Day on Earth: Survival review

There are many things to know about Last Day on Earth: Survival for Android. This game is survival mode with action and adventure genre. Your job is to stay alive while killing zombie and upgrading the skill. The basic concept of game seems familiar because you will find undead zombie as primary target and enemy in many games. One thing to make distinction is the graphic and interesting feature to support players.

As beginner, you will get basic tools and gears to survive in harsh environmental condition. For guns, they are available after you collect some cashes and points to upgrade. However, you may consider hand-based weapon to use because it is easy to find and very practical. The main purpose of this game is not killing many enemy, but surviving with eligible supply. As usual, airplane is the most effective way to escape from undead zombie. Another focus is military base to obtain supply or any valuable item. Be careful with zombie around and inside this base. You need to take care yourself before entering new territory.

This game uses usual MMORPG mode with fascinating graphic. You can see any zombie around easily then identify friends who join clan to hunt. Developer of this game realizes that many competitors use the same concept. To attract more players, graphic and gameplay are major attraction to keep players stay on screen.


  • Interesting graphic.
  • Challenging gameplay.
  • There are more places to explore.


  • It is quite complicated game.
  • You need to know basic way to survive.
  • You can’t just go around shooting without planning.

How to Play

It is not game that you can win without planning. There are thousand enemies and harsh environment, so planning is necessary. Before playing, check your basic tools and gears. It is good to hunt for upgrading, but basic tool such as axe is more useful. At first, enemy is easy to kill, so you have purpose to get supplies before hunting. In addition, increase your area with fortification. Player cannot stay in open area without shelter. At last, you need to hunt for upgrading and collecting item. Be careful for this activity because saving bullet and gear is the most important matter. Try not to spend all of bullet or gears for unnecessary enemy. Check for airplanes, Alpha Base, and Army supply base. You are the last person on earth where many devastating creatures go around killing. Your job is to survive then destroy, so plan effectively and execute wisely.


  • New event on the map. Help a wise elderly to get ready to see the new year in.
  • Look for special items and exchange them for meals with bonuses at Dealer’s. Don’t forget that you have to assemble a radio for Dealer to appear!
  • What kind of New Year is it without crackers and fireworks? Look for them on a special location and don’t forget a torch!

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