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Last updated: September 12, 2018

DomiNations latest APK 6.650.650 (2023) now have been available on your Android platforms. In this game, you can be different nations, and even being in a space. The nations you can be in this picture cover England, Rome, China, Germany, French, Japan, and even Greece. Each nation has different good sides to help you winning the game. The concept of this game that’s now on Android, is still the same compared in the past days. However, for those who can play it through mobile phone, you won’t be able to get involved in a massive war or campaign mode because it is hard to play in a smartphone.

DomiNations File Information

Developer: NEXON M Inc.
Version: 6.650.650 (2023)
File size: 74.7 MB
Uploaded: September 12, 2018 at 10:11AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 and up
MD5: 51f7e35f26c12ca5cef862f74ba1406c
SHA1: 280c2f7bd8126c09047ed2a78903aa48b06d25c6

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DomiNations review

When playing this game, you will find a menu that can allow you to consult with famous historical people like Leonardo Da Vinci or king Sejong. There are even limited-time goals based on historical actual events. If this is the very first time you play the game, don’t worry. There is a tutorial about how to play it at the beginning. You will be guided by an old man who teaches you how to build and run a city.

If you are used to strategic games, you can easily adjust to DomiNations. You can increase your nation civilization status from Stone Age to Space Age. Each building is divided into categories like Economy, Army, Defense, and Wonder. Well, every time you step on the next age, you will get new features and buildings.

In the Economy building, you can find many buildings to increase your nation resources. There are three main resources in this game: gold, food, and citizen. There is also an additional resource, which is crown. This kind of resource is very rare and can only be gotten by completing a quest. Once you get a crown, you can finish any mission in the game instantly. But just like other things, it also comes with pros can cons.


  • This game has a nice gameplay, control, and graphic.
  • It’s a challenging game to play.
  • It keeps improving.


  • At the same time, this game is also difficult to play. Completing a quest is truly a hard work.

Tips to Play

To play this game, it is important to always upgrade the building and infantries in the Blacksmith. Therefore, focus on the resources like gold and meat for this upgrade, starting from the beginning until the Iron Age. You also need to do an expansion to find Alliance Gate. Fixing a gate can help you to make an alliance or simply join an alliance. You will need for about 30.000 to fix the gate. To get the gold, you should mine a gold mine, hunt rabbits and foxes, and also build a road. The more building getting an access road, the more gold you will get. In addition, although getting a crown is not easy, you should at least try to get it. Crown is the only resource in DomiNations for Android that enemies can’t steal. Besides, it can help you to win the game faster.


  • DomiNations Strategy & Conquest 6.5 Update Notes
  • The Archive & Speed Ups
  • Store items like Speed Ups, upgrade buildings, research at the Library/University, or run Expeditions.
  • DOMINATON! Bonus
  • This bonus grants larger resource gains the more Stars you earn in battle.
  • New Cold War Upgrades
  • Factory level 9 unlocks new upgrades for all Factory Troops!
  • New University Leader – Hannibal Barca
  • Improve your Tactics, Fort, and Mercenaries.
  • Research his capstone to unlock Hannibal as a General!

Older Versions of DomiNations

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