Last updated: July 30, 2017

As the most popular OS for smartphones, Android has a lot of apps and games that always develop day by day. Besides offering the latest features, the developers always improve the stability and ability of the apps they develop by releasing the updates within certain period. However, users sometimes do not want that feature or updated version. Therefore, they sometimes downgrade them into the previous versions.

This site is a solution for users who want to find old versions of apps for Android. We share thousands of apps in APK form. Besides the old versions, this site also provides the latest version of the apps (daily updated). Well, you can easily update your apps or install the latest version.

Apps & Games Review
Besides sharing APKs, this site also presents complete review from the apps or games. So, you can get knowledge about the pros and cons of the apps before installing it in your smartphone.

How to, Tips and Trick
It doesn’t stop here. We also share tips and tricks that the users often search in using the apps or playing the games.

Original, Without any Modification
All the APKs and files we share in this site are original from the developer. We never did any modification to the apps and games.

Only Free Apps
This site only shares free app, we never shared paid apps.