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Last updated: February 26, 2019

Plenty of online games that formerly available for computer are now can be enjoyed from mobile phone. The Magic Rush: Heroes latest APK 1.1.207 (236) is one of those games. The goal of this game is to evolve the heroes available. Some heroes are provided for players. Every one of them has its respective ability. The heroes are used to defend the tower. Players can play the game in maps against entity. Alternatively, there is also game mode that allows players to compete against other players around the world. This game gains popularity for many reasons.

Magic Rush: Heroes File Information

Developer: Elex
Version: 1.1.207 (236)
File size: 86.8 MB
Uploaded: February 26, 2019 at 11:13AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 2.3.3 and up
MD5: 01776b15f24a01d81a26c5bd5b379050
SHA1: 576d12023c5d8ade84efa96af5eb9d0ee74eff2e

Download Magic Rush: Heroes APK 1.1.207

Magic Rush: Heroes review

The storyline of this game allows the players to choose a hero. The hero will go through the storyline on the campaign mode. The hero selected is called as the main hero. In order to evolve the main hero, players need to go to dungeon or map. Several experiences will be gained during this adventure. The hero will be able to level up once certain experience is gained. Going to specific map or dungeon to grind level is also possible. Players can switch between heroes as the main hero to level up.

Other than campaign mode, the game also provides players with multiplayer mode. In this mode, players are fighting in a team. Each team is consists of five players along with their heroes. Heroes’ composition is the key to win the game. Since the game requires a player to play with other player, a stable internet connection is needed. The length of each battle on every team is varying depending on how fast a team can win against other team.

The game comes with plenty of interesting features. Runes are unique feature that is required to evolve the heroes. Aside from this feature, there are also several items that can be purchased to help the heroes. It offers simple graphics. Subtitle is provided to help the players understand what the heroes are speaking about. Meanwhile, the animation has simplified visual. Complicated hero character is simplified to make it fit into phone screen. To wrap it all up, here are the pros and cons about the game.


  • Multiplayer mode is available other than campaign mode
  • Subtitle is provided
  • Interesting storyline on the campaign mode


  • Internet connection is required on multiplayer mode
  • Grindy gameplay to evolve high level heroes

Tips to Play

As previously mentioned, the game comes in two different modes. Other than campaign mode, multiplayer mode is also available. As the name suggest, campaign mode requires the player to go through the storyline. Following the storyline allows the player to gain access to special dungeon. The opponents of this game are mostly entities.

The Magic Rush: Heroes for Android also comes with multiplayer mode. It is advisable to connect your phone to stable internet connection such as reliable Wi-Fi. Players will go to the selection page where they can select the hero. Defeating enemy teams will give several rewards for the players.


  • Candy: Candy Handout: When taking damage, gives self and up to 2 nearby allied hero units candy, providing a shield effect. This effect cannot be triggered again for a brief time.
  • Blissa: Improved how her ultimate “Revival” is cast so that it will cast more reliably.
  • Pyre: Fixed a bug possibly preventing Pyre from dying.

Older Versions of Magic Rush: Heroes

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