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Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes

Latest Version 1.26.3

If you have your heart set on Plants vs. Zombies game series and all its glory, then Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes latest APK 1.26.3 (180) has probably been anticipated with excitement. Its predecessor, the game whose name has been mentioned before, has made a big buzz among many gamers. Even though it came with simple design, this game has succeeded in attracting all types of gamers to at least play it twice before completely ensnared by this game. Several years after that, the developer has come up with ingenious inspiration for the new game; the plan of which would become this game.

Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes File Information

Last updated: May 18, 2018
Version: 1.26.3 (180)
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
File size: 68 MB
Uploaded: May 18, 2018 at 9:10AM GMT+07
MD5: b7db82e20c1772785ea17064ec1df99e
SHA1: 66f1354e833125cf3e0ef927280737f5e18099b6
Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes app review

This game has taken all features from the previous series of the same game into account along with several new features you get to have. First thing first, you still get to play and control the plant in order to kill off all zombies trying to approach them to eat the plants alive. Yes, you get to use the strategy of your own choice in order to kill those zombies before they are too close with you. Control the plants with shoot a plant bullet in order to kill the plant eating zombies. Yes, it may seem simple, but it has been proven to be able to attract huge deals of gamers.

As stated before, this game has several new features made and designed into it to add new touch to the game. However, unlike the previous series of the same game, you will get to have fighting mode through in-turn game mode. In that case, instead of showering the zombies trying to eat the plants with plant bullets, you can only use one type of card which can emit some attacks to kill the zombies. In that case, use your strategy to kill the zombies only with single attack.

For some people, using such strategy is not easy as it is exciting to play and spend your time with. In most cases, many people cannot use the strategy which then results in the plants being eaten by the approaching zombies. To them, it is much easier to just shoot the zombies with bullets because they can be killed before they are too close to eat the plants. For some others, it is quite boring to wait for their turn to do some attacks when it is their enemy’s turn to do the attacks on your squad.


  • It has simple yet addictive game mode.
  • There are new variations of attacks.


  • You may need difficult strategies.
  • There is in turn game mode.

How to Play

There is actually no specific step in playing this game. Just like the old series, you will automatically be redirected to the battlefield full of plants and zombies. When the game starts, you will get to use one card to do the attack on the zombies. When you have done the attack, the enemy will take their turn to do the same thing to you. Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes for Android gameplay is repetitive until one of both sides have their squad killed off right.


  • Bug fixes

Older Versions of Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes

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