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Last updated: October 22, 2019

Everyone is familiar with the legendary character of the angry bird named Red. Since its first appearance, the game and character become one of the phenomenal games. Presented in mobile platform, Angry Birds is back with new series. With a game base that is still similar that is fighting against bad piggies, Angry Birds 2 latest APK 2.33.0 (2330001) comes with more attractive and detailed visuals. This game is also designed with more complicated, so the player should be careful in determining the steps.

Angry Birds 2 File Information

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
Version: 2.33.0 (2330001)
File size: 87.8 MB
Uploaded: October 22, 2019 at 11:10AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
MD5: 22606bd68d1c0c096f3253751f4ccb4a
SHA1: 725d64d76f88f67e5490ad47931c93c494d62a18

Download Angry Birds 2 APK 2.33.0

Angry Birds 2 review

In the Angry Birds 2 for Android, there is no Stella character. Instead, there is a new character named Silver that will adorn the game. In addition, there are some changes and improvement as in the assessment system, card system, boss level, and other new features. Angry Birds sequel does not seem to ever make a disappointment because each sequel has uniqueness. Let us call Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Transformers, and Angry Birds Epic.

Bringing the same concept, the players will again play slingshots in this game with the birds as a bullet for instance Red, Chuck, The Blues, and many more. As people know, each bird has different powers. The difference lies on the player that must choose which bird to be fired first (sequence). The birds and spells will be presented in the form of cards too and chosen according to the player’s strategy.

If the card runs out but the piggies have not lost, then the player loses. There is no restart feature like in the previous series. So it can be concluded if this game will be more challenging and complex. Besides, there will be at least two locations where the piggies should be destroyed. It certainly changes the scoring system to be similar to golf. Winning with just one card will be rated as strike, two is birdie, and three is par, etcetera. If the player gets a strike in the first location, he/she will also get a free card in the next place.

Although it looks more difficult, the game remains attractive, especially with fresh and lively in graphics. Various weather conditions such as sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snow also appear in the stage. Many details are displayed in the background as sweetener. Some will even help players like a giant flower that sucks the object it touches.


  • Great and more detailed graphics
  • More features and improvement
  • Easy control, fun gameplay and sound effects


  • No restart feature
  • More complicated with multi-stage level

How to Play

Playing with the strategy means the game requires tips to play effectively. What must be considered is to focus on the structure, not solely on the target or piggies. Look for weaknesses of any construction e.g. ice walls that are more easily destroyed. In boss stage, use the environment to be the advantage too. As already explained, some environments will help rather than just shoot the bird to the boss.

The last is to take the advantage of the bird in maximum in accordance to the strength of each bird. When you tap red while he is in the mid-flight, he will unleash a war cry that can destroy concrete barriers. Besides, use Matilda and silver to destroy tall objects since they are high-flying birds.


  • NEW! Rowdy Rumble Tournament – Sign up for a limited-time tournament and duel your way to the top against other players!
  • NEW! Daily Challenge Streak – win consecutive daily challenges without any failures to earn extra rewards!

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