Latest Version 1.6
By Lowtech Studios

This particular mobile game known as latest APK 1.6 (1006000) has been considered to be having similarities with Snake and It is a simple game without any complicated formula at all in a highly developed mobile gaming industry today. It has a pretty close resemblance to the popular game of Snake in which it consumes blobs to get bigger and bigger over time. The ultimate goal is just to achieve the highest score as possible just like the thing to do with Snake originated from years ago. File Information

Last updated: July 8, 2019
Developer: Lowtech Studios
Version: 1.6 (1006000)
Requirement: Android 2.3 and up
File size: 16.9 MB
Uploaded: July 8, 2019 at 9:10AM GMT+07
MD5: 55d4200df26f661e141a8577a81db34a
SHA1: bbb926e49be2a18b20d611ade53ae888b10fd09f
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It has been mentioned earlier on that this game is pretty similar to Snake in which it has a simplified multiplayer mode. Meanwhile, it is also said to resemble the aspects of Yet it has been considerable enough to attract some players to enjoy it. The game will just feature a snake to control in a dull looking area. Players should somewhat consume glowing blobs within the play area in order to get bigger and bigger overtimes. Hitting the body of the players’ snake will not be damaging anything but hitting others will end the game immediately.

Swiping and tapping will be the main control scheme of this game which makes it even simpler. Swiping across the play area on the screen will change the direction of the snake. Meanwhile, double tapping the screen, then pressing it will perform a kind of speed boost that will last until the finger is lifted up. The fact that bigger snake tends to consume the smaller one is a good twist in this game which adds the overall value of this game. So, despite of the fact that the game has a simple concept, it will really be an additive one to play.

Surely there are things to notice about this game in which they are considered as the main things about this game as the pros and cons.


  • A simple concept which is fun to play
  • A good way to really kill time
  • Refreshed experience within an old type of game


  • The play area is rather boring
  • No longevity at all since it is a pretty straightforward game

How to Play

It is a simple game that does not really need anything in particular to somewhat conquer this game. There is nothing to unlock as well upon playing this game for a long time. The only milestone there is the highest score of the game. So, the only thing that is important to do is to actually get sued to the control interface of the game while also studying the actual behavior of the snake in the game once it has grown up into bigger snake. Amidst many modern style games to find today in Android devices, this game comes with a really simple concept that could surprisingly be fun in a certain period of time.


  • Added cosmetic support
  • Improved gameplay speed

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