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Solo Leveling : Arise

Latest Version 1.0.24
By Netmarble

If you are into an action game with hack and slash mode, you may like Solo Leveling Arise for Android. Developed by Netmarble, this game is basically about a monster hunter that has skills and needs to upgrade to improve his abilities. This role playing game is closely following the popular manhwa and web novel series, so if you are familiar with the webtoon, then you should know the storyline in general. It’s safe to say that the game itself is pretty sophisticated, where you will be taken to a fantastical world with interesting stories, strong bosses, and powerful monsters.

Solo Leveling : Arise File Information

Last updated: April 20, 2024
Developer: Netmarble
Version: 1.0.24
Requirement: Android 9.0 and up
File size: 140 MB
Uploaded: April 20, 2024 at 4:36PM GMT+07
MD5: fda7234c6a7025aad4862faeb6bca660
SHA1: 5cb3d82576ef8dc35c928565e8a09b083700f46b

Solo Leveling : Arise app review

The quality of the game play is just awesome. Many players are surprised to find out that it feels like the proper adaptation to the webtoon. With fantastic graphics, the main character Sung Jin-woo feels real and just breathtaking. And even the monster enemies are incredibly well-designed.

The combat system isn’t only fun, but also dynamic. You can perform cool combos and develop strategies on your own. Besides the main character, there are other hunters with their own abilities and skills, making the entire game even more fun.

You are able to take part in various gates, explore dungeons, and fight various monsters. Plus, the progression system is somewhat nice, because it encourages you to boost your abilities and skills, including collecting crucial gear.

Another thing to like about the game is the flexibility given to players to customize their characters. Not only you can customize the skills and abilities, but you can also customize their appearance. As you move through the story, you will improve your abilities. In the end, your character will be stronger through solid evolution throughout the game.


  • It follows the story of the webtoon in a very detailed manner. If you are a fan of the webtoon, you will appreciate the story and plot.
  • Graphics are superb. No matter what device you are using, it’s highly interactive and fun.
  • Different play styles will give you better experience in the game. Aside from trying different characters, you can also try different gaming styles.


  • Not enough defensive option. You can only find one defensive option, and most of the time you can only ‘run away’ from the combat.
  • When your character is always vulnerable, it really affects your enjoyment.
  • It seems level gated, big time. You are forced to take side quests and also extra gates, and you have no choice except to do it.

Tips to Play the Game

If you want to avoid some common issues, there are some things to remember before installing or playing the game.

Your device should have enough storage space. If it doesn’t, you will only experience lag and delay. It’s a good idea if you can clear out temporary data and also cache.

Some users experience issue when they first install the game. In the event it happens to you, try to uninstall the game and then re-install again. Such a thing usually clears out the problem.


Solo Leveling Arise for Android is a great game, but it may be more appealing to those who have read the webtoon. But if you are ready for some challenges and you aren’t worried about the difficulty level, you will enjoy this game. Greatly.


  • Bug fixes.

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