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Clash of Clans

Latest Version 16.0.7
By Supercell

Clash of Clans 16.0.7 (1612) December 2023 update APK has been released with some new items. This is the latest version for Android devices. This mobile game was first known to be popular as an iOS game. Soon after the popularity of Android is rising, it finally comes to Android to be played by more and more people out there. The game is basically a classic mix of combat, simulation, and strategy. So basically it will really take a lot of time to get to the best at it, especially for those who have never played strategy and simulation kind of game. Rising rapidly into its popularity from 2013, this game is definitely a game to play on Android devices.

Clash of Clans File Information

Last updated: December 18, 2023
Developer: Supercell
Version: 16.0.7 (1612)
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 and up
File size: 352 MB
Uploaded: December 18, 2023 at 4:41PM GMT+07
MD5: 8f9121936fdd8eb3195ca186ffd64185
SHA1: 53d94c0a51981ce7767ebeb780c1196ddc8a8826
Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

Clash of Clans app review

Obviously clash of clans for Android has many things to offer to its players. When it comes to the features of this game, there are things to get to know for those who play it for the first time. The first thing to do as a newbie will be to deal with a little town and get to know various things about this game. It is as simple as expanding and defending that town that unfortunately it takes efforts in many ways. There will be some easy quests to do at the beginning to help gather resources for the town. There will also be a way to create troops, which are crucial in this game either to defend the town or to attack other areas. Well, that is the basic idea in this game though.

Aside of just doing battles another important element of this game is collecting stuff. Many things are required to get going into this game. Developing the town, increasing the number of troops, expanding the town, and many more things will require resources, one of which is gold. So, pay attention to any opportunities when they come. Winning battles will be rewarded, although basically troops will leave everything on the battlefield. Continuous development in many aspects will be needed just in case things get worse. Well, that is a glimpse of game play of this highly popular game.

In short, this game has three main resources to get going. Those resources include gold, dark elixir, and elixir. Each one of them will have their own purpose to help advancing in the game. It is also possible in the game to form a kind of alliance with other players in purpose of pursuing better result and outcome. It is not that one man army game that can be easily conquered by doing everything alone. The integrated chat system will allow easy communication within players for various purposes, including forming a stronger alliance.

It has been mentioned earlier that this particular game is a combination of strategy, simulation, and combat, so that players have to at least understand the way to play such game. Within the aspect of strategy, one thing to understand is that everything takes time. There will be no instant result of something so that everything should be planned within the right moment. Those who love such strategic game will love to play this game even to come with an addiction at the end.

Aside of offering a great deal of features and aspects within the game play and the system of the game, it delivers a satisfying outcome as well in term of its graphics. Well, the combination of a really attractive graphics with harmonious in-game music will make it really easy to spend hours in playing the game without having to feel it as a long period of time at all.

So far it has been considered as a good mobile game with the fact that there are many players on it. Within the screen and control aspect of this game, it plays really well in Android devices including tablets. The respond of its touch controls is unquestionably well, so that there are no issues at all in the name of controls when playing this game even for a long time. There is the so-called setting menu with a really easy access just by using a finger to press it within the village view of the game. When chat feature is activated, there will still be plenty of room to keep watching the game progressing. Two-finger gesture is available in this game that is really making it easier to zoom in or out while playing without having to experience glitches in term of the graphic.

As mentioned before that it can run well even on a tablet. That is a good thing of the performance aspect of this game. One good example of the performance aspect is that when the game is left to run without touching at all until the screen turns off, it will not take a lot of time to get back to it and continue playing without any problem. Furthermore crashes are also hard to expect there when playing this game. Smooth and stable will be perfect to describe this particular game.

The Good and the Bad

Summing up this game, there are several good things as well as probably a bit of setback of it as follows:

  • It is a free game with many decent features to expect even for a long period of playing time
  • It has a pretty decent graphic quality of a mobile game
  • It delivers a smooth and stable performance in Android devices including tablets
  • It has a communicative aspect to play along with other players for greater good
  • A setback is that within the Goblin Kingdom, the troops cannot be controlled so that they will do as they are capable of

Clash of Clans Beginner Tips

Use gems to buy a builder or a worker

Getting a builder or a worker is indeed difficult in Clash of Clans game. It plays an important role since it is about a fight to steal other village’s resources. When the builder is too busy to build the building, sometimes a player can lose the loots before they can use it. People need to make a good plan about how to protect the village by building the defense walls as strong as possible and quickly. Therefore, use gems to buy a builder compared to shorten the building time process.

Attack other villages

Attacking other villages is also the core of this game to earn Gold, Elixir from Gold Mine, or Elixir Collector that can help the village development and defense. Use the rewards to do more research in the laboratory. So people will get greater possibility to produce reliable troops. Do not forget to complete the achievement to get more gems that will be used to add the builder.

Join with other clans

The last is to join with other clans. By joining to other clans, the beginner player will get more information about how to make the clan and village stronger. Besides, sharing and getting troops are also possible with this way. That is how every player can grow up fast.


  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Older Versions of Clash of Clans

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