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Clash Royale

Latest Version 3.6.0
By Supercell

If you are a big fan of the Clash of Clans, you must be familiar with this game. Coming from the same developer namely Supercell, the game also turns to be a favorite of many game players. Released in 2012, now the Clash Royale 3.6.0 (507) APK 2021 latest version and iOS is still running well and played by many people. Not to make the players feel tired of the game in a same genre to COC, Supercell make the game focuses on timing to prepare the troops to attack the enemies’ castle.

Clash Royale File Information

Last updated: June 8, 2021
Developer: Supercell
Version: 3.6.0 (507)
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 and up
File size: 134 MB
Uploaded: June 8, 2021 at 12:23PM GMT+07
MD5: b3495e30b612cd80ff3f2fa823cb7aa9
SHA1: 7644544511b376e23f26224f8d3457c6cb40f761
Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

Clash Royale app review

Clash of Clans and Clash Royale for Android are related one another due to its same company. That is why people are always comparing them in every aspect. Basically, Clash Royale is a game combining two genres at once, RTS (Real Time Strategy) and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The main mission is to destroy the enemy’s tower to win the game. What became the obstacles of the players is time. They have a time limit.


Every match will give only 4 minutes to go with card play as the game base. They need to arrange 8 cards in a deck. The deck itself becomes the tools to play. Someone who wins the game will get several crowns and it will be calculated based on the amount of the destroyed towers he did. It is usually 3 crowns for every game, 1 for King’s and 2 Arena tower. In addition, if people can bear down only the King’s, it means they would automatically destroy the two Queen’s tower.

So they will get 3. On the contrary, it does mean the same way for Arena tower. When the player has 10 crowns in a day, then they can open a box containing some cards and money. Once at few hours, players will get a box. Absolutely, every box has different classes. The more good of box class, it is also filled with more good cards inside. It also means that a great box will need more time to open it. Another complicated thing is if the cards are random. It is possible for players to get same card.

However, it is actually beneficial for the player to upgrade the troops with the same card. Beside cards, they also need to pay some money to upgrade the troop level. For game play, it can be concluded that it is simple not as complicated as its genre combination. No wonder of it becomes the next successor of his brother, COC. It is also free to play even there is no system like energy so the players can enjoy as long as they can.


Move to graphics, it is good too compared to similar games. The design is attractive with sharp pixels. There is a quite significant difference on the troops when you were a COC player then you move in this game. In terms of characters, they indeed re-adapted from COC like Barbarian, Archer, Witch, Giant, Wizard, Hog Rider, Goblin, and so forth.

For the original characters in the game, there will Knight, Prince, Musketeer, Mini PEKKA, Skeletons, and Baby Dragon. The players also seem to enjoy the audio system. It is also great. Every character in the game has different voices. The differences can be relied when the troops are deploying and attacking the enemies. It also can be seen when the troops are shattered. Moreover, this game also offers clans in the feature.

Every player is allowed to join to other clans or make their own clans. They can share and ask for some additional cards like 10 common cards or 1 rare card every 8 hours. Sparring can be done between friends of the clan member. Although it is an online game same as to Clash of Clans, people are no worry if the cards are lost when they leave the game. It is different from Clash of Clans though.

As the result, people can play this every time when they are free, not be trapped in the world because they do not want to lose all the cards. Based on the review along with additional information, there will be pros and cons to be noted by players about this game as follows.


It has good graphics and audio with simple game play.
Players are allowed to attack enemies of other clans in real-time system.
It is no need longer time to upgrade the troops.
There is more variety of troops.
There is a chat feature to send messages to the enemies.


It cannot attack directly between clans.
It feels like monotonous since the players cannot arrange their own defense system to get rid of enemies.
Higher level and troops’ power are the only ways to judge if players have greater ability.
Players cannot choose their own enemies.
The system is too heavy leading to error connection or slow response.

Clash Royale Tips and Tricks

Once completed the information about the game basics along with the pros and cons, it is also suggested several tips and tricks to play Clash Royale properly.

Do not wait to join with clans

It is really helpful since players can discuss, request or donate cards among friends in a clan, and even do such a friendly battle to test the ability. Then, make a donation and request cards as often as possible. That is how the clan is likely made for. By donating, the players can get money and experience faster. Every donation of common cards, people will receive 5 gold with a maximum of 60 times donation in a day. The money can be used to purchase rare card costs 2,000 gold meanwhile experience is intended to upgrade the crown and King tower.

Make a balance deck

It means people need to make it perfect. The deck should contain units that can overcome all situations that may appear. It can be made by a combination of common, rare, and epic cards. Sometimes it needs time for experiments by players themselves. Do not forget to consider also strategy on how to attack the enemies.

The better strategy is to focus on destroying one attendant tower and keep the better defense. Then, it is needed to manage the elixir. Survive with units containing less elixirs compared to enemies will gain greater chance. It is a chance to against the enemies, including the powerful ones once they have insufficient elixirs to fill up again.

Learn the weaknesses of enemies’ troops

People can watch TV Royale. They will see how best and powerful players which whom in top rankings fight. Pay attention on how they manage, choose, and execute their unit.


  • Goblin Drill joins the Arena: unlock this brand new card and tunnel your way to victory!
  • Extended Trophy road with additional Arenas: earn more rewards and loads of Gold!
  • Clan Wars 2 changes, 5 more deck slots, and lots of Quality of Life improvements!

Older Versions of Clash Royale

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