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Last updated: December 14, 2018

You will enjoy the game ultimately when playing Deck Heroes latest APK 12.4.0 (12040000). The graphic and gameplay are interesting to attract more players stay on screen. It is action and adventure game with fighting and unique skill. Player uses deck with specific character to fight against enemy or other players on arena. Well, skill and items are required to perform utmost ability. You should know each of character ability in order to win the battle. This game relies on four factions with different traits.

Deck Heroes: Legacy File Information

Developer: IGG
Version: 12.4.0 (12040000)
File size: 54.3 MB
Uploaded: December 14, 2018 at 9:35AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 2.3 and up
MD5: 1aa8c89072e89acb0a1a80933c733ba3
SHA1: 2dfc1ccc01b130fbbeb748ed1a0d628965ab63ef

Download Deck Heroes: Legacy APK 12.4.0

Deck Heroes: Legacy review

Each game has their interesting part and you will find many features to explore on Deck Heroes. Players can choose deck to play, then manifest into character. The gameplay is quite simple as usual like the other adventure and action games. You have target, mission, and enemy to accomplish. Finish those missions to get reward. Every card has different capabilities and you can determine its level from start. Five-star card is the main objective to collect some cash to increase the character and skill level.

You will compete and fight against the other players on arena. This game has online mode to support this arena. Winning match will give more recognition to make you become the top player. As you know, this game also has guild where players gather to create the team. You can join one of them, but it is better to increase level because you will have more responsibility.

This game uses four factions as character. Each of deck belongs to those factions and you only get one skill for one deck. There are Human, Mortii, Faen, and And Neander. In this game, one faction is weaker and stronger to others. For example, human is strong when fighting against Mortii. This is the key to play Deck Heroes for Android by knowing character skill before entering the arena. The example of human is warrior, mage, and royal creature. Meanwhile, Faen characters include elves and fairies. For Mortii, you get undead zombie, vampire, and demon. In addition, Neander is character with beast, savage creature, and monster. From those characters, players will fight one on one based on the skill. After getting reward and items, enhance the deck skill to perform ultimate skill during fighting.


  • There are many decks to choose.
  • It offers vivid graphic with 3D.
  • Challenging gameplay.


  • Complex gameplay for beginners.
  • You need much information to know the deck.

How to Play

Username is important for player as identification. As beginner, you may go on your own without guild. However, after gaining experience, joining guild is more effective in order to collect more deck and hero. This game relies on what faction player chooses to fight. Be careful with this thing because each of factions has different traits and characteristic. You need to know which one is better, so the fighting will be more effective. That is why this game turns into more interesting game because player will force to know any detail of faction from capability to trait. As usual, the main objective is reward, high-start card, and items. You need to get those things, then plan it wisely before playing.


  • Hero skill “Scourge” will now remove Creatures with “Lucidity” from play.
  • “Kitsune” will now revive “Kumiho”.
  • The “Skeletal Barrier” of “Diablo” will no longer reduce damage sustained by other friendly Creatures.
  • When a Deck is used to clear a stage in the “Gauntlet” feature, it will be automatically saved.
  • Equipment skill “Unholy Rites” will no longer sacrifice a Creature if a clone is not created.

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