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By LilithGames

If you are a mobile game lover, there is a new game from Lilith, Dislyte for Android that you can play. Lilith Games is a Chinese developer best known as the creator of AFK Arena and Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade. The game was officially launched globally in May 2022. This game is a unique RPG that combines modern style with characters inspired by ancient mythology. The characters in this game are called espers. Each Esper character has its own characteristics, appearance, and special abilities which are of course very diverse.

Dislyte File Information

Last updated: July 4, 2022
Developer: LilithGames
Version: 3.0.2
Requirement: Android 5.0 and up
File size: 196 MB
Uploaded: July 4, 2022 at 10:02AM GMT+07
MD5: 162e3df04ba9becee6ac6b2770d84cb3
SHA1: 9c32bd06e6540779e912f73044e220a6303b5fc4
Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

Dislyte app review

In this game, Lilith Games combines 3D and 2D graphics well. Each character in the game (esper) is represented on a card with a 2D image, likewise with in-game cutscenes. But when you enter the battle, the character will be displayed in 3D graphics. Most fantasy games take place in the medieval era, with a world full of magic, but low tech. As a result, many characters in fantasy games are still wearing robes or armor. Unlike this game, this game is set in 2077, featuring a futuristic world, but still filled with things that we can find in the real world today. And the designs of the in-game characters reflect that.

This game has an interesting story. In the future, Miracles suddenly appeared, which gave some people super powers. They are called Espers. The power that each person gets is different, but that power is always based on the gods and goddesses from various mythologies in the world, including China, Egypt, Europe, and Greece. However, the existence of Miracles also brings problems, namely the appearance of Miramon, who becomes an enemy to humans. Besides that, the Espers were also split into several camps and were busy fighting each other.

You can play Dislyte for Android in a vertical position on your Smartphone. During battle, you can choose up to five characters to be your team. After that, you can determine the formation of each character, whether he will come forward or stand behind. Another thing you should pay attention to is the position of the captain. Some characters in this game have special buffs when they become captains. For example, if you use Mona as captain, she will deal +24% Attack on all team members.

Another way to increase the performance of an Esper is through Resonance. In this game, to get new characters, you have to use gacha. However, you don’t always get new characters. Sometimes, you’ll get cards from characters you already have. For example, when playing this game, you get two Drew cards even though you already have the character. So, instead of leaving those two cards, you can use them to increase Drew’s Resonance Star Rating. That way, you can get four points that you can allocate to increase attack, HP, or defense.

The execution of the main story of this game is less than satisfactory. In addition to the story problem that feels less weighty, another problem is the characterization of each character. Each character has a unique design and power. Unfortunately, not much is said about each character.

Tips to Play

The first thing to focus on is completing Chapter 6. By completing Chapter 6 you will unlock the Relic Lifesteal set, which you can use on Mona. Then level up your characters consistently so you have a strong team ready for any PvE match. This helps to defeat the enemy more easily.

Upgrade characters one by one and then move to another. Next, don’t Ignore the Relic. This relic plays an important role and must be upgraded frequently. Also complete every mission. These missions are a great resource for earning XP points. Finally Add Friends and Claim/Give Gifts Every Day.


  • Added Divine Sequencer (unlocks for Squad Lvl 40+ players).
  • Charity Show (unlocks for Squad Lvl 20+ players).
  • Ahmed (Geb) Chance Up
  • Added the Bounty Mission Review feature. Tap Atlas – Story Review – Sidestories on the left screen to enter.
  • Added Quick Jump feature in Esper deployment screen.
  • Added a report feature in the Esper Comments screen.

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