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Fridge Organizing for Android is a game that might be based on people’s satisfaction after shopping in the hypermarket and restocking in the fridge. Having the fridge empty when you open it can be an unsatisfying experience for many people. Nevertheless, once you can fill it with groceries, you will feel super great. Of course, the satisfaction can be escalated if you can organize the fridge properly although people might have different preferences about the way they organize their fridges, after all.

Fridge Organizing File Information

Last updated: May 1, 2023
Developer: CrazyLabs LTD
Requirement: Android 6.0 and up
File size: 62.5 MB
Uploaded: May 1, 2023 at 1:05PM GMT+07
MD5: 3bcb2c96839ca85b8bab22763a6dbb02
SHA1: 72af91dcd9d7cef49b94b152b0fc636519d6bdc9

Fridge Organizing app review

Maybe you will not be able to go to the hypermarket as you like when you find your fridge empty. You cannot take anything you want when shopping in the hypermarket. With this game, you can go to the hypermarket anytime you find the fridge out of stock in the game. More importantly, when playing the game, you can feel free to take all the groceries you want in the hypermarket. This kind of experience might be hard to find in real life unless you are super wealthy, but it is possible with this game.

When you open the fridge and find it empty, you do not have to think twice to go shopping in the hypermarket. You can feel free to look for the groceries necessary for filling and restocking your fridge. You must not only get the items, but you have to make sure it has the right color. Once you bag them all, you can restock them in the fridge by sorting them up the way you want them. You can feel free to make your fridge look cool with this coolest fridge-organizing game.


  • Super relaxing and calming game with a simple and fun concept,
  • Nice animation,
  • Nice color and appearance,
  • Great for people with OCD.


  • Need to watch ads to unlock required items,
  • A bit repetitive when everything is unlocked.

Some Tips to Play

Of course, you can feel free to shop for groceries and organize your fridge with this game, but you have the gameplay to follow. To make sure you can play this game right, try these tips. First things first, you need to check the image that will be given on a lot of the shelves. The picture will give you information about the product that should be placed on the shelves. You need to match the color on display with the colored discs on the product. Your goal is to match the picture to get a perfect score which means all the coins you can get.

The count matters when you try to fill your fridge. You have to put items in the correct number in every position in the fridge. You need to split the items to meet the number needed. However, there is no need to worry because the split is always even for different colors.

To know that you do the right thing, you need to look at the reactions that are represented by the emoji. Scrolling through might also be necessary when the needed items are hidden behind a video. Fridge Organizing for Android comes with many videos, but it might not be worth watching just because of the extra coins’ temptation.


  • Bug fixes.

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