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Google Camera

Latest Version 8.2.300.368894857.16
By Google, Inc.

Google Camera latest APK 8.2.300.368894857.16 (64129885) was developed by Google Inc. to allow you making excellent pictures quickly and easily. It is really interesting and easy way to capture your special moments. This application is provided by Google for all Android phones free. It has a lot of interesting features inside. This app has a light and minimalist design. When you operate it to take a picture, you will get Preview with the certain full screen mode that gives comfort and scope. In addition, you can do a photo preview of the picture taken by scrolling the screen to the light and right. It is also possible to find a variety of menus, setting, and unique camera modes by scrolling the screen in really quick response while you are taking a picture.

Google Camera File Information

Last updated: June 10, 2021
Developer: Google, Inc.
Version: 8.2.300.368894857.16 (64129885)
Requirement: Varies with device
File size: 108 MB
Uploaded: June 10, 2021 at 11:39AM GMT+07
MD5: efbef1fb36ce707b6526a84268492418
SHA1: 18de0c4b0f20bdb61ea4d7624bee6f73f0f96f77

Google Camera app review

Well, Google Camera for Android application has its own uniqueness if compared with several applications that are widely offered by developers. Its uniqueness includes Photo Sphere, Lens Blur, Smart Panorama Shooting, and Video orientation notification, which is not only helpful to optimize taking pictures, but also easy to use.

Photo Sphere is a taking picture mode in this app. This mode can be used to take the entire room picture. When the user takes a picture using this mode, it takes rather long time since the method is taking the picture one by one from each angle. When it is used, you will be helped by the guideline spots to guide you to take a picture. Besides Photo Sphere, Panorama mode is also needed in all camera applications. It will be easy to take wide object such as landscape, beach, scenery, and City Light. It is also easy to take pictures in horizontal or vertical setting. Although panorama mode has been exist in the other Android camera application, its existence makes the app has complete features.

Video Orientation Notification is another interesting and unique thing you can find in this app. This feature allows user to get notification formed in transparent icon that shows the camera position when the user is using it to record a video and reminds orientation of the video. The existence of this feature is really helpful when you are recording a video in vertical position and applied it on YouTube since it leaves blank space which is disturbing at the right and left sides of the video.

In conclusion, here are the list of pros and cons of this app.


  • Have the complete feature
  • There is a Photo Sphere feature
  • Have simple interface


  • Only work at least on Android Kitkat (4.4+ versions)

How to Use

It is really simple and easy to use this Android camera application, whether you will use Panorama, wide angle, or fisheye lens. You can take a wide scenery picture which is automatically mixing the photo shoot. First, just open camera and tap panorama menu. To take panorama pictures horizontally, tap horizontal and for other setting, then just follow the symbol. Tap photo shoot and hold the circle above gray spots on your screen until the spots disappear. Move the camera to the next gray spots to make the lens stable. Repeat it until there is no more gray spots. Tap the picture at the angle on screen.


  • Night Sight in Portrait and Camera modes.
  • Video stabilization modes.
  • New zoom buttons.

Older Versions of Google Camera

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