MARVEL Avengers Academy APK

MARVEL Avengers Academy

Latest Version 2.4.2
By TinyCo

Marvel Avengers Academy latest APK 2.4.2 (759) is probably what you are looking for if you need some different mode of Avengers game. If you have your heart set on the real Avengers game, you will witness something different from the usual one. Even though different it can be, it is not unwelcoming yet it is quite unexpected for the level of Avengers game. In the case of this game, you do not need to do what you usually do in the Avengers game. Instead of fighting, this game is set way before the squad is formed and the real fighting begins.

MARVEL Avengers Academy File Information

Last updated: May 5, 2018
Developer: TinyCo
Version: 2.4.2 (759)
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 and up
File size: 87.5 MB
Uploaded: May 5, 2018 at 10:37AM GMT+07
MD5: 5c5e1ce8d874a04060195aa49408a7f5
SHA1: 1ee64f7a116e4a240485b17edb04fd01a64a7283
Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

MARVEL Avengers Academy app review

As stated before, this game takes the mode back behind the fighting among all Avengers characters and all that is germane to this. Yes, this game does not include fighting as its main strength unlike the other Avengers you might know. In this game, you have one main mission that goes beyond fighting. Instead, you have big mission to build an academy for all characters of Avengers to practice their strength in and whatnots. In the first phase, you need to build everything Avengers trainees need in their way to become the Avengers squad. Along the way, you can do much of this game has to offer.

If you think that this game does not offer much compared to other Avengers games, you need to rethink again twice. Even though the game does not offer fighting which became its main strength just like it used to, it still has some good points. If you have proceeded with the academy building that becomes your main mission, you get to unlock new items. When you have gone to the next level, you can unlock new characters, buildings, and upgrades for the previously unlocked things. If you do not unlock those things, you cannot proceed to the new level.

But, many gamers, especially those who are devoting fans of Avengers will find this game quite boring to be played. It is due to the fact that this game does not bring any fighting into its gameplay. It is then what makes them pull back from this game. Besides, it does have certain missions that will stall the character you play become unplayable at all. Another thing about this game is that it can take forever to finish the storyline.


  • There are various unlock-able characters, items, and building.


  • Lack of fighting.
  • Endless mission..

How to Play

Unlike other Avengers games, you do not get to play specific characters in the Avengers series to do anything you want. Instead, you get to play the invisible third party to do the entire task. The first thing you need to do is building the academy to be the sanctuary for squad to practice in. However, at early stage, you will be short of materials needed for the building. In that case, you should start off with the mission to collect all collectibles. When you have collected them, you can have full experience on Marvel Avengers Academy for Android.


  • Character outfits now come with unique combat boosts and skills!
  • Limited-time Infinity War event begins!
  • Battle Thanos and his outriders!
  • Unlock Scarlet Witch, Teen Groot, Thane, and Killmonger!

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