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Modern Strike Online

Latest Version 1.37.0
By Game development ltd

Modern Strike Online latest APK 1.37.0 (100247) is probably the latest and newest series of shooting game that has been available for download. If you have ever heard of Counter Strike, then this series is more like the sequel of Counter Strike. Therefore, for those of you who have been playing it since forever, you can try your hand at this improved shooting game. Just like any improved game series, it comes with several old features brought out from the last series and packs of new things invented along the way.

Modern Strike Online File Information

Last updated: March 2, 2020
Developer: Game development ltd
Version: 1.37.0 (100247)
Requirement: Android 4.0 and up
File size: 36.5 MB
Uploaded: March 2, 2020 at 8:34AM GMT+07
MD5: 64f5ededa9f523d88dbcfb9ed91a130a
SHA1: 33940782ce744fb228757956561d39eca4f26254
Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

Modern Strike Online app review

If you read the review or testimony on this game online, you will find many rave reviews with the bad ones almost coming to nothing. Some people, especially those who have not played this game, might be wondering what it is with all the good reviews? The thing is, this game is actually very good everyone seem to be unable to stop raving. First thing about this game you need to know is that it comes with positively great visualization, making it look great and real. That said in-game shooting would feel like a real shooting scene you are in.

Various modes of gameplay also become the best good thing that makes people become addicted on this game. Compared to the usual shooting game, they only come with one or at least two modes of gameplay. Two modes of gameplay are one thing since you still can play these modes if you are bored of the other one, but one gameplay is another thing as you will have no choice but such gameplay to play; in that sense, you will not be able to escape boredom. This game does come with seven modes of gameplay, all offering something new from the others.

However, this game does also lack on one thing from its gameplay. In this case, it does come with elaborate and hard to remember controllers. Back in the old days when Counter Strike was on its heyday, it came with simple controller, making it quite easy to remember. But, you need to take some time to adjust yourself to the new mode of controller since it comes with completely different one. In the meantime, be ready to have yourself shot one or two minutes into gameplay due to this hard to remember controller and all.


  • It has good visual graphic
  • There are various modes of gameplay.


  • It comes with elaborate controller.

Tips to Play the Game

After installing Modern Strike Online for Android, you will be given quick tutorial in the form of storyline and your missions. Then, you will automatically be brought into the shooting scene with the missions in hand. In this mode, you will be given full authority on the control. In that sense, you will be able to do anything you want. Keep your teammate in contact in order to finish the mission and try to split yourself into groups to finish off all enemies dispersed into several areas.


  • Two new skins: russian riot policeman and beautiful female S.W.A.T.
  • New weapons: Pancor Jackhammer, MP5-K
  • New helmet: FCH
  • New map: Havana
  • Added enemy targets enlightment
  • Now you can switch your current weapon on previous just tapping switch weapon button
  • Fixed autoswitching graphics bug: now if you change it in the settings menu it will be saved

Older Versions of Modern Strike Online

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