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Last updated: May 29, 2020

The Battle Cats latest APK 9.5.0 (905000) can be downloaded for free under the casual game section. This game has 4.4-star rating. This high rating represents how enjoyable the game actually is. So far, up to a million of users have already downloaded the game to their smartphone. It proves that the game is not only enjoyable, but also addicting. Despite being listed as casual game, the gameplay is similar to game with slash genre. However, instead of using fierce or sexy characters, the gameplay involves cute and adorable feline characters. Here is the brief review about this unique game.

The Battle Cats File Information

Developer: PONOS
Version: 9.5.0 (905000)
File size: 136 MB
Uploaded: May 29, 2020 at 8:49AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 and up
MD5: bfe4d9a56add187322b57a7f4f1ee448
SHA1: 43444b82621abaafd7d932c9302ec2adfbe435a0

Download The Battle Cats APK 9.5.0

The Battle Cats review

The gameplay of The Battle Cats for Android is relatively simple. The player has several basic feline types. Each feline character has its respective ability. Some of them might be able to take great number of damage. Meanwhile, the rests are able to inflict enormous damage to the enemy cats. The game takes advantage of cat food as the main currency. The currency is obtainable from victorious battle rewards. It can be used to purchase in-game item or unlock better feline characters. Each feline character on user’s disposal can be upgraded with food cat as well. Higher tier of feline is able to do better performance.

Most people are attracted to play the game due to the interesting feline character involved. The animation is no less attractive as well. Both of them are implemented in comical style. The cat will do unique animation move depending on its respective specialties. Other than the animation aspect, the graphic of this game deserves attention as well. Even though the graphic is simple, it is able to draw people attentions.

Despite being addicting and enjoyable, the game has great drawback as well. The issues of the game are mostly related to the gameplay. As mentioned before, the currency of the game is using cat food. Obtaining substantial amount of cat food to unlock better feline character requires a lot of grinding in the battle. The energy indicator on the battle seems unnecessary as well. On the multiplayer mode, a player needs to be paired with other player. Moreover, the pairing process sometimes takes long time.


  • It offers the unique concept.
  • There are comical feline characters.
  • Good animation.
  • Simple yet attractive graphics.


  • Grindy gameplay
  • There is useless energy indicator.
  • Long pairing process.

Tips to Play

In order to win the game, there are two important keys. The first key is to understand the role of each feline character. Each of them has its respective ability. The ability of a feline character might work better with specific ability of other feline character. Exploring the best combo will be a great turn of event.

The second tip of winning is to deploy a feline character at the best moment. When the opponents are lowering their guard, it is time for attacking. In other hand, if the enemy is aggressively attacking, it is better to be defensive. That being said, there is also a moment when the best defensive move is being offensive.


  • New True Forms
  • 3rd forms added for certain Uber Rare Cats
  • Zombie Stages in Into the Future Ch. 3
  • Available after clearing ITF Ch. 3
  • New Stories of Legend Maps
  • Plus, higher difficulties added to certain existing maps
  • New User Rank Rewards
  • New Cat Base Blueprints for Ototo Engineers
  • Misc. Bug Fixes

Older Versions of The Battle Cats

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