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Last updated: August 28, 2019

Within this strategy based game under the title of Game of War – Fire Age latest APK (18249) the basic idea of things to be done by players is simple. Building a city with many resources to be able to train an army and then become powerful to defeat others. That simple concept is built into this game by Machine Zone, Inc. to attract many players who love to play such type of game. Despite of the simple concept of the game, it will always fun to find the best things of such game as this one by playing it thoroughly before really judging it at the end.

Game of War – Fire Age File Information

Developer: Machine Zone, Inc.
Version: (18249)
File size: 85.4 MB
Uploaded: August 28, 2019 at 10:58AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 and up
MD5: b299b5278d74d20a5821aaac7ec61b24
SHA1: e61a2a5531b99e4585558d02438a928666168e60

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Game of War – Fire Age review

So, this city builder game has a huge scope in which the city to take control will only have wooden walls to protect it from anything from the outside. An epic city is the goal of the players in building everything there while also training an army that will help dealing with other parties. It is pretty simple in doing construction in this game. Players will only need to tap a plot within the city, then a building should be selected to be constructed in a certain amount of time. In terms of the buildings to select, there are many of them ranging from the basic buildings to some specialized buildings.

The display of the map in this game is quite different from the likes of game in this type. The map is actually vast areas called kingdoms in which other players’ cities can clearly be seen. There will not be such abstract looking map like in other games within this particular type of game. Furthermore the so-called military system in this game is somewhat a deep one. It means that there are several things to consider in order being able to really win an attack to other areas of other players.

So, within this game there are really some of the best things to enjoy in comparison to other games within the same type as follows:


  • Easy to navigate world map
  • Deep system of military related stuff
  • The possibility to make an alliance with other players for the greater good


  • Simple graphic of 2D
  • Rather boring at some points

How to Play

Surely Game of War – Fire Age for Android is one choice to consider by those war game fans out there. Building a proper city with proper protection is necessary at first so that during the time of army training the city can remain safe. Furthermore, it is also crucial to pay attention to some stuff related to the army before really sending it to other areas to conquer. It is not that easy type of game in which the army will always win when they are sent to attack other areas. The use of in-game map is pretty simple so that it could really be helpful in advancing. More importantly, it is always essential to create a well affair of the alliance to be able to conquer more areas.


  • Conquer roaming Dragons in the Dragon War Dimension!
  • Take on Raid Bosses as a Kingdom for massive rewards!
  • Recruit multiple heroes to your side!
  • Triumph in incredible events to leave YOUR legacy!

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