No.Draw – Number Sandbox Coloring 2018 APK

No.Draw – Number Sandbox Coloring 2018

Latest Version 0.9.7
By Creative APPS

Puzzle game has many variations from simple to complex pattern. If you like colorful and pixel-based image, No.Draw – Number Sandbox Coloring 2018 latest APK 0.9.7 (8) is good choice. This app combines puzzle and color into one interesting app. You need to fill the blank color with proper color based on the number. This black area has number as reference and each number contains one option for color. It is like matching game, but the main goal is to finish picture with the right color. This app is good for children to learn color recognition. Besides, adult also enjoys this game with more challenging pictures. Well, the app is free and it takes less space on your device at all.

No.Draw – Number Sandbox Coloring 2018 File Information

Last updated: January 3, 2018
Developer: Creative APPS
Version: 0.9.7 (8)
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
File size: 6.8 MB
Uploaded: January 3, 2018 at 2:01PM GMT+07
MD5: 96a0840e20d63afa7f57d0a3230d27cf
SHA1: 69046b8d6a37f2ea06fb88d7cdd635ade4c6e013
Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

No.Draw – Number Sandbox Coloring 2018 app review

This app has various pictures to choose. You can choose from simple picture with vivid distinction between one number and the rest. One number represents one color. For more challenging, you can try complex pixel-based image. You will see that two numbers side by side with quite similar color. Usually, color will be the same when two pixels are next to each other. In complex design, you cannot rely on this rule. Each number has different color from their surround. That condition needs to solve with proper strategy.

The next challenge is no longer pixel-based picture. You will see the real picture with smooth contour. Your task is to fulfill blank space with appropriate color. The result has to be proper picture as similar to original. Blank space still has color, but very detail. Each color is specific to represent number. It is no longer app to release tension. You should concentrate harder than the simple picture. Therefore, this app trains brain to enhance color recognition and concentration.

It is free app without payment or subscription. Developer makes sure this app is light and simple. The interface has plain screen to help users identify color distinction. Actually, this app uses color box as number, but the complex picture looks like you draw it directly. You do not have to worry about image, particularly when children use this app. All images are safe and appropriate for children.


  • It is easy and simple to use.
  • There are attractive pictures and color.
  • The app is light and it needs less space on smartphone.


  • Your need utmost concentration for complex picture.
  • It uses repetition process.

How to Use the App

It is not complex app to use. You will be familiar once you use Number Sandbox Coloring. Firstly, choose picture you want to complete. As usual, beginner starts from simple pixel-based image. You will see numbers at image and their representative at below as color. Use tap mode to match between number and color. Do this process carefully. Therefore, the picture is completed at full color mode.

The next challenge will be more difficult. You can try realistic picture with less pixel-based guidance. As usual, numbers represent colors. At below area, you can enlarge picture to get detail. If you choose wrong color, use erase icon to clear the space into blank mode. After the task is done, image can be saved on your device. Choose download icon to do this process.


  • Bug fixes.

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