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Message apps are growing rapidly in recent years, people can find it easily in Play Store. However, there is one different app that is successfully attracting many people especially youth generation. Known as Snapchat, it is often talked by many people because of its uniqueness. It comes in between of strict competition of social apps with similar concept. Snapchat latest APK (136622) seem to be at the same level along with other popular apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Snapchat File Information

Last updated: June 4, 2024
Developer: Snap Inc
Version: (136622)
Requirement: Varies with device
File size: 147 MB
Uploaded: June 4, 2024 at 4:36PM GMT+07
MD5: 2d877e020808d66ed88aedb0052a2b24
SHA1: 0772ea8011bd295764b1b6f69b8aac1d9b7d5c87
Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

Snapchat app review

People can find this app easily since it is on the top 60 list at Play Store. For those who do not yet use the app, it is a message app where the users can send videos and photos. It is then automatically deleted after a few seconds. It feels like it is just similar to other apps, but the difference is the videos and photos can be more fun by editing it with pencil squiggle or text. Those videos and photos are then called as Snap to be sent to friends in the contact list.

Back to the history, quite similar to Facebook, it is also founded by college students’ precisely three students of Stanford University. They are Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. Originally, the app was a course project named Piccabo and in July 2011, the app got its official debut under the name of Snapchat. It is available for Android precisely in 2012. In 2017, this app has been downloaded by 500 million people.

Seeing on the interface and features, it is simple actually. People will see common features. While the app is running, they will be offered first by camera along with the shutter on bottom center on the screen. It can be done with a tap to take pictures and record a video when it puts up, just as a common camera feature. There are also other features like adding friends, follow another user, discover, story, and Snapcash. By adding friend and added list, the users chatting each other in private too.

Discover is used to see more content like channels to read news video from popular media like MTV, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, etcetera. In addition, Story feature becomes the most popular one. It allows the user to broadcast personal video which it can be seen continually and share with others in 24 hours before it is deleted. As it can be seen Story-like from this app has adopted by other social apps like Whatsapp and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Snapcash is used to send money to another user. Those are only features, but why people are so addicted with this app? It can be concluded like this. First, people do not need to be a fake with perfect image and personality which can be set while using other apps. It uses real time access so when people post video or photo, it cannot be saved, edited, and delayed at first. It is just sent as the way it is like live report. Many people call this like honest and real posts.

Even if the person is a celebrity, he/she can be a different person compared to other post with different apps. Next reason, there is no special tricks or strategies to set an existence. It is really effortless for people to use this app. They do not need to make it perfect like spending thousands of dollars. Just do whatever you want since it will disappear in 24 hours. Due to it, it becomes quite difficult to see the trend through the app.

The last is because of its cute filter feature. Beside text, effect or filter can be attached directly on photo and video. That is why people are annoyed and want to share it more and more with a different pose and filter. So from appearance, features, and system, it is claimed to be the simplest social media and messaging app ever. With its simplicity, it is convenient to use by people of all ages. It is likely because there is no demand to be perfect before posting.


  • It is a brand new concept as social app which is different from common social media.
  • It does not take much memory on a smartphone because of the cache.
  • All the contents are fresh and new since it is shared directly like live report, including know every happening events faster.
  • Sharing photo and video are easy and convenient with the simple interface.
  • Cute sticker and animation effect will make it more fun and addicting.


  • It takes much internet quota and battery as well as making the Android runs slower.
  • The shared photos and videos cannot be saved except taking a screenshot or using a camera.
  • It is difficult to use Snapchat together with other app because the time limit is only 10 seconds and people need to focus on it to enjoy the content.
  • The way to distribute and search contents is limited.
  • For business use, it seems to be limited because the users mostly are youth in the range of 13-34 except when the business is targeted at them.

How to Use Snapchat for Android

Find friends

To find a friend, it can be done through the username and Snapcode.

For username, swipe down the camera window and choose Add Friends. Then, select Add by Username and type the username that you want to add on search box. Touch ‘+’ button to add it to friend list.

In addition, with Snapcode, take picture of Snapcode of another user by arranging the camera to your friend’s Snapcode. Swipe down the screen and choose Add Friends to find Add by Snapcode. Choose the previous captured photo and the profile will be added to the contact list.

Post photo or video

Furthermore, to post a photo or video, back to camera screen with options of the front and back camera. Tap circle button to take a photo whereas tap and hold out are used to record video. Click on ‘X’ button to delete the post. To reduce the duration on posting a photo, tap on duration option. However, it does not be valid for video. In order to use Lenses feature, swipe the screen on the left to see all the Lenses Effect. Then, choose the one you love to activate it. Take a photo or record video with the selected effect with the circle button on the bottom center of camera window.

There is more like adding a sticker, emoji, bitmoji, text, picture, and filter to the post. Tap sticker button to check the collection of stickers, emoji, and bitmoji. It is on the right corner of the screen top shaped like folded paper note. To find the best one, just swipe to the left or right and tap the selected sticker. Use two fingers to manage the size and rotation. The users also can make their own sticker by a scissor icon on the screen. Next, ‘T’ icon is used to add text to the post. Click the ‘T’ once again to enlarge or change the text color.

In case of making a drawing on a post, tap on pencil button. Meanwhile, for Filters, it is needed to activate from Snapchat settings. Swipe down the screen and tap on ‘()’ on top right corner. Swipe the screen and pick ‘Manage Preferences’ on ‘Additional Services’. Turn the Filters label to green to activate. Last, to send the post, click ‘save’ (optional) and choose ‘send’ on bottom left corner. Tap on preferred users or tap on ‘My Story’ to add the post to Story. Click ‘send’.


  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Older Versions of Snapchat

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