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Last updated: March 16, 2018

One of the most favorite strategy game inside the Google Play is the Clash of Lords 2 latest APK 1.0.254 (1000254). The game is nice with the complete features, which will increase the experience in making the great strategy. The game will allow you to punch someone! With the rule of the game, you will be able to use the favorite heroes fighting in the free-for-all-frenzy facing the frightening fiends. Then, you also may control the action and becomes the greatest warlord in the land of the world.

Clash of Lords 2 File Information

Developer: IGG
Version: 1.0.254 (1000254)
File size: 44.8 MB
Uploaded: March 16, 2018 at 9:34AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 2.3 and up
MD5: ba6618fe68f82b4a28cb93e943a145ba
SHA1: 2155aef1a3cf238eb4d3f71ca7c1434d20925c54

Download Clash of Lords 2 APK 1.0.254

Clash of Lords 2 review

The game is good with the complete features. You need to know that the game is a strategy game, which is nice with the fun and innovate new twist on the genre. Through the game, you will be able to recruit over 40 heroes and fill it with the kinds of mercenaries. There are also great features inside the game, which will make you never stop playing this game in your spare time. The game is nice because you could control the action well. Here, to get the well control of the action, you may activate the skill of the heroes battle all times!

Then, to make a good journey of the mission, here you will be able to pair the heroes and then troop them in the all-new mercenary mode! I am sure that it will be unique and fun because you will be pushed to show your ability in making the strategy, so the heroes will be able to be controlled and be paired well.

Another good matter inside the game is the chance to play you way. There are ten PVE and PVP modes to play. The complete modes here will allow you to test the fighting with the enemies, so you could show how you are. Fight with your friends to get the new items and make your heroes stronger.

The game is also nice with the collaboration of 3D animation and PC-level graphic. The combination of it will provide the great look of the character with the authentic details.


  • Interesting modes to play
  • Complete heroes to choose
  • 3D graphic for great look
  • Can be played in old android


  • Difficult to play
  • Need real money to purchase some items

Some Tips to Play

Seeing the details of the review as above, we may see that this strategy game is interesting to play. However, let us see some tips of it, which will ease you in playing it.

Since the genre of the game is strategy game, here you need to use your thought to find the best fighting strategy. In starting the game, of course you cannot uses the strongest heroes. You need to make a deep strategy to win the fighting with the other heroes with the limited heroes you have.

In other hand, it is also important for you to build your defense up. The well defense will make you get more ability in denying the attack of the enemies.


  • Guild Base:
  • Guilds can now build bases.
  • Guild Members must work together to build/upgrade buildings in the Guild Base.
  • Guild Members will be able to buy items from their Guild Mall after it has been built.
  • Enlightenment unlocked for Skull Mage.
  • Upgrade Skill (Enchant UI) unlocked for Wolvenfiend and Air Elite.
  • Balance: Reduced damage taken by the Shrine (Coliseum) and Bastion (Battle Square) if you still have Heroes alive.

Older Versions of Clash of Lords 2

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