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Google Allo

Latest Version 25.0.023_RC04
By Google, Inc.

Google never stops to create interesting and sophisticated application, and Google Allo latest APK 25.0.023_RC04 (20439473) is one of them. It is message or chatting application with many features. What is difference between Google Allo and other chatting apps? This is interesting question because this app will face fierce competition in this area. New feature is Smart Reply, Google Assistant, Sticker, attaching more files, etc. Besides, user will get advanced encryption to keep the conversation at utmost safe. Incognito mode is available to support such purpose. Basically, this app has features as similar to majority of messaging apps. However, this app adds few sophisticated features to enhance the capability.

Google Allo File Information

Last updated: December 17, 2017
Developer: Google, Inc.
Version: 25.0.023_RC04 (20439473)
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
File size: 25.2 MB
Uploaded: December 17, 2017 at 11:21AM GMT+07
MD5: 5ba4b3ec938003bf0dc6c668708db7fa
SHA1: 2058257f169092a1ca3333316612dd25ec58a4ef
Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

Google Allo app review

Smart Reply is interesting feature to adopt in this app. As you know, you will get recommendation to select which message or conversation that needs to answer. Besides, user may adjust conversation to express the intention for example whispering or shouting. One of reasons to install this app is capability to identify user personality. If you are cheerful people, this app will recognize you through chatting history then suggest few emoticon or sticker to support.

Virtual assistant emerges into promising field in this era. You can get this kind of thing from several apps, but still separated from the main service. On contrary, Google Allo for Android gives virtual assistant to include, so user can get help and information while keeping the conversation. Using this feature is simple and easy. While planning for meeting with friends, you need a help to find decent place and traffic information. Google assistant will provide it directly in many types of files, including video. This is the most convenient way to make a plan effectively without conducting small research separately. Moreover, user can have conversation directly with Google assistant to get more information.

Other features are incognito mode, message encryption, and sending more types of file. This app uses phone number which is very comfortable and easy to adjust. You can still connect to friends in different country because it is worldwide app. Google always gives utmost effort for developing application, but it still finds difficulty to be the major player due to competitors that have been on the top list. Therefore, Google name will give the best effort to make this app more recognizable.


  • There is virtual assistant.
  • It provides more sticker, emoticon, and doodling.
  • You can enjoy advanced encryption and smart reply.
  • It offers simple and efficient interface.
  • This app is easy to use and use phone number.

How to Use

You are surely familiar with many chatting or messaging applications. For Allo, users can operate each feature easily. To get basic message and chatting, you just need to select friends then type the words and text. You can adjust text to refer shout or whisper without turning the caps tab. For Google assistant, select this section then type what information you need. Google assistant will respond immediately based on data and user can do more than single conversation. As usual, you can attach message with file, sticker, picture, audio files, etc. Use doodling feature to make more interesting picture. Therefore, users will not find any difficulty to adjust with every feature in this app.


  • Bug fixes: Performance improvements for a better chatting experience.

Older Versions of Google Allo

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